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The Jewish Heritage in Prague is designed for you to get acquainted with the life, culture and history of the Jewish Prague. On our tour you will stroll the streets of Prague's Jewish Quarter, visit the Jewish Museum which has one of the most extensive collections of Judaic art in the world, containing some 40 000 exhibits and 100 000 books. There is a number of Synagogues (the Maisel, Klaus, Spanish etc.), located here in the Jewish Town along with a very memorable place of artistically and historically precious gravestones in the Old Jewish Cemetery. Over a period of 300 years, this site was the only burial ground available to Jews in Prague. Over 12 layers of graves for perhaps 100 000 people are found in this ancient place, with more than 12 000 gravestones standing witness to the importance of the history of Jews in Prague. Large trees shade the paths of the history which pass among the graves of Rabbi Low,legendary creator of Golem,and countless others. The wall-to-wall tombstones, coming up from the ground at every angle, become a surreal picture. Another moving site is the Pinkas Synagogue ,which displays drawings made by children while they were in Terezín concentration camp. These simple drawings of everyday life in the camp are overpowering.On the wall of the synagogue are inscribed the names of the Jewish victims of Bohemia and Moravia murdered by Nazis. The Old-New Synagogue and the Jewish Town Hall used to be the vital center of the religious community, the place where decisions were taken on common affairs,and the focal point of education and teaching. The Jewish Town Hall is and always has been a tourist attraction, especially because of its clock with a Hebrew clock-face and hands that go "backwards". Built into the gable in 1765, this is a favorite theme for writers and poets. Visit with us the Old-New Synagogue - the oldest synagogue north of the Alps built over 700 years ago and still in use. You will also see the bust of Franz Kafka on his birth house. The building now has a small museum, filled mostly with pictures depicting the artist´s life. Come with us to experience this fascinating history! Transfer from/to hotel included.

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